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Guinea pig cages: Factors to consider before you buy

Having a guinea pig for a pet can be a fun thing for you but simply having a pet for the sake of having one is not good. You must learn to care for your pet and so there are certain points that should be taken into consideration before you buy guinea pig cages.

Things to keep in mind before buying a cage for your guinea pig


The size of the cage

Size is something that you should play close attention to as you want your pet to be very comfortable. Now the good thing is that there cages of various sized available in the market so as a customer you will never run out of choices. So if you wish your pet to be very active inside the cage select the biggest cage possible which should measure close to 18 inches in width and 14 inches in height. There are some pigs that enjoy jumping and the tall walls will stop them from running away.


Cage flooring

The flooring of the cage should not be ignored under any circumstance as there are cages that have mesh flooring which can cause injuries to pigs. So the best choice would be to stick to a cage that comes with a solid floor.


The cage design

When you are out shopping for guinea pig cages the first thing that will grab your attention is the design of the cage. Cages with plastic shelves and ledges are a good choice. Make sure no matter which design you settle for, it should not restrict the movement of your pet.


Bedding for the cage

When you are buying a cage you should buy bedding to be placed within the cage too. Now you can choose from many options when it comes to beddings such as shredded paper and towels made of hay. Make sure that the bedding material is made of non toxic material.


Some other factors that you should consider when buying guinea pig cages.

Cages of various sizes are found in the market and you can buy one depending on the number of pigs you wish to put in one single cage. If you are unsure about the size you can look it up on the internet or simply ask the sales person in the retail shop.

Initially the manufactured guinea pig cages were very small and provided little space for movement but thanks to the Cubes and Colorplast cages you can now give your pet a big cage. These cages are far bigger than the ones found in the pet store and provide a good environment for pet pig. These are made by using corrugated plastic sheets and wire grids made of metal. The grids are put together to form strong walls.



The market is filled with manufacturers of these cages but not all of them offer standard products so you must take the time to look around and locate reliable brands. Look for online sellers who may be able to offer you discounts on the price of the cage.


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