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A Step to Step Guide for a Perfect Rabbit Hutch for Your Pet

Rabbits are special pets that a lot of people keep in their homestead. They are very friendly adorable creatures that are very docile and they can entertain as well as keeping you company. Rabbits are also very easy to feed and can be rared by anyone thus giving you amble time for maximum care. When rearing rabbits, it is important to note that they require a secure and safe place that they can live that is well protected from intruders. This is where rabbit hutch comes in to provide maximum protection to your pet.

When shopping for a  suitable rabbit hatch, you will come across many rabbit hutches in the market. It’s,therefore, advisable that you do your research well to find out the best rabbit hutch for your pet. This article provides an
expansive insight guide that will enable you purchase the right rabbit hutch that will ensure safety to your rabbits. The first factor to consider is the number of rabbits that you want to keep in a single hutch. It will help you determine the right size of rabbit hutch that will comfortably accommodate your pets. Rabbits can be kept closer to each other but they require enough space to comfortably relax and eat.

Go for a rabbit hutch with a separate run. This will enable your rabbits to access a playing area after they feed. You should ensure that the run is made up of durable wooden frames and it’s covered by a mesh wire except the bottom side. The enclosed run ensures that your rabbit can play outside the hutch and are well protected from any predators. If you want to give your pets a larger playing ground, a double story hutch will work for you. In addition, you should also regularly check your rabbit hutch for any loose nuts, screws and broken wires as they can harm your bunnies.

Where are you going to place your rabbit hutch? This is another important factor to consider before purchasing one. Always go for a hutch that will comfortably fit in your preferred area. Not too big or too small depending on whether you will choose to put the rabbits indoors or outdoors. Baby bunnies should be kept indoors during warm weather. Those staying outdoors should also be taken care of to ensure that they are safe from any unpredictable conditions. Such measures may involve covering the hutch to protect the pets from winter cold.

If you live in a house that is single story and has less stairs, consider buying a wire hutch that that has wheel casters. The wheels are fixed at the base of the hutch for easier portability thus, making it easier for you to convert your indoor cage into an outdoor rabbit hutch. Ensure your pets are protected from the scorching sun by placing the hutch under a shade as well as from wind because the wire mesh is open. If you want to keep your rabbits outdoors for a longer
period, search for a good rabbit hutch that is specifically made for outdoor purposes.

There is a wide variety of rabbit hutches available for purchase in the market. If you observe the above mentioned factors, you will be assured of a perfect rabbit hutch that will give your rabbit a comfortable and safe environment when you purchase one.


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