Clay County: News stories we all remember

I have lived in Clay County for many years, and am proud in living in such a place. This is an interesting to live in. However, like in any other places, there are stories, both positive and negative, which have created a lot of attention.

Here below, I discuss Clay County news, including Clayberry news.

Major Clay County News

9 Boys Fight in Orange Park

Two groups of boys, aged ten to seventeen, started a fight at Orange Park on a Saturday night. The fight took place at 1700 block, Debbie Lane, and there were no adults present. Some of the boys called other boys for help in the fight. The fight involved at least 9 boys. The fight took place on November 20, 2021.

This story would shocked the people of Clay County because of the level of indiscipline manifested by the boys that culminated in the stabbing of a 13-year old boy. It was viewed as a death which could have easily been prevented. When the authorities and the people responded, they had to take 5 boys for medical attention. A neighbor, who declined to be named, stated that the boys had been in a prolonged dispute. On Sunday morning, blood could still be seen at the side walk at the scene.

The incident further shocked the residents because the neighborhood is viewed as a quiet and safe one, with very few cases for many years. Again, the ugly incident took place during the Thanksgiving week. Thus, instead of thanksgiving, the affected people were preparing for a burial.

The neighbors did not pout blame on the parents as the parents did not know that their children were planning on a fight, neither did they know that the boys had a simmering dispute. If they knew, they would have done their best to prevent such an incident.

Children were advised to be calling 911 when they observe such tension. This is because police intervention would have prevented injuries and the death. Residents were advised to be vigilant all the time on what goes on in the neighborhood in order to solve problems before they escalate. People with further information about the incidence were requested to volunteer what they know to the Sherriff Office, Clay County, using the number (904) 264-6512.


Hate Mail, Clay County Development Corporation

Some sections of the US are highly polarized, and hate mails are not uncommon. Clay County would experience a taste of this when a white substance was found in a letter intended to be sent to Clay County Development Corporation. Instead, the letter was sent to a communicator running Clayberry ( It is at this stage that a white substance was discovered. The Office of the Sherriff discovered that the white substance was actually boric acid, a substance which is not harmful.

It was predicted that the hate mail was a response to a Facebook post written by Pamela Taylor, which was viewed as hate speech in itself. Taylor had described Michelle Obama as an ape stating that her exit from office translated to a better looking person at the white house. This post would create a lot of controversy not just in the US but in different parts of the world, due to its explicit racism and intolerance. With many Americans supporting Obama during the presidency and thereafter, her post was not taken lightly. Other agencies would receive hate mails from different parts of the world, but this was the only case where a white substance was sent.


Knight Murder Case, Clay County

The West Virginia State Police, charged a man from Clay County with murder. Daniel Marquis Craddock, aged 30, was charged with the murder of Jason Brell Knight, aged 42. This was a first degree murder which chilled the people of Clay County. The body of Knight was sighted by two passersby at the Hansford Fork Road.

The medical examiner stated that the body of Knight had 35 wounds as a result of stabbing and in addition, the examiner discovered one gunshot wound. This shows that the murder was a gruesome murder. Knight was held for the murder case without bond, whereas he has a bond for grand larceny and burglary.


Two Churches Burn, Clay County

The burning of churches is big news to many people. This is because many Americans regard the church as a sacred place, and do not expect cases such as arson. However, such cases do happen anyway, whether accidental or non-accidental and this happened to Clay County, West Virginia.

In October, 2021, two churches burned within a few minutes of each other. The churches are Flat Fork Missionary Baptist Church and People’s Church, and they are located in just a few miles apart. The churches were a symbol of unity to the community and many residents had a strong attachment to the two churches. It was clear that one of the two cases was arson, with the other one not clear.

In the aftermath of the burning of the churches, the next step was re-building the churches. Facemire helped to organize a gospel concert with the hope that the money from the concert would be directed to re-building both of the churches.


Major Projects Announced, Clay County, November 2021

The West Virginia Division of Highways and Gov. Jim Justice announced many construction projects in order to help in improving the quality of life of the residents. These would include a replacement of six bridges.

The J.C. Cruikshank Memorial Bridge, Clay County, would be replaced, and the bid attracted $3,636,944.16. Residents had long complained about the bridge stating that it was deteriorating in quality. The residents further got worried that the safety of the bridge was not guaranteed. 



Despite such news, Clay County remains a vibrant place to live in; a place where one can achieve his or her objectives, as far as one shows the commitment to do so. Again, many of the sad cases, including crime cases, are being resolved by the authorities with the aim of making Clay County a better place.