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Are Government Jobs Good in India?

If you’re a job seeker, the question that may be running in your mind is which job to look for. Many people, especially young people find themselves in confusing situations wondering which sector to work in.

The government and private sectors in India are places where young people can get jobs. The main focus here is with government jobs. For all the questions you might be having about government jobs in India, this article will provide the answers.


Are Government Jobs Good In India?

Most people are preferring government jobs over private ones. Of course, there is a reason why this is the case. For a long time, I thought that private jobs are better than government jobs, but I have come to find out that this isn’t always the case. Indeed, the benefits that come with government jobs in India make them a preferred choice over jobs in the private sector. While jobs in the private space have their own advantages, youths are highly attracted to government jobs in India.

Here are some of the benefits that government jobs in India offer:


  • Working hours

One of the advantages of having a government job is flexibility in terms of working hours. Unlike in the private sector where employees can end up working extra hours, those who work in government institutions have standard working hours. This gives employees opportunities to undertake other activities like personal development. Young people can particularly benefit from this by doing courses while still working.


  • Limited stress

There is also the factor of limited stress. The working environment can be stressful, but if you’re working for the government, the stress is not as much compared to the private sector. In private institutions, employees work for extended periods of time and this can be quite overwhelming. However, working within the government space makes the completion of projects bearable.


  • Job security

Job security is a pivotal factor to consider. Whenever I am looking for a job, I always factor in the idea of job security. Everybody wants to work with agencies that promise job security. It’s frustrating to work in an environment that doesn’t promise a bright future. The advantage of a government job in India is that you can stay employed for a long time. You don’t have to worry about losing a job opportunity.


  • Benefit and perks

There are benefits like retirement packages, medical benefits, pension plans, and loans for people who work with the government. If one gets an opportunity to have a government job, the benefits that come with it are many compared to privately owned jobs.


  • Promotions

Government jobs reward employees depending on how well they perform and the duration of time they have been working. For example, if I do my work excellently well, I increase my chances of receiving a promotion. Also, if a person stays loyal to a government office for a long time, promotion is a reward that may come.


How Many Government Jobs are in India?

The government is the primary employer of the many people looking for jobs in India. With the infrastructure and capacity to create jobs, the government of India has been increasingly providing opportunities for citizens to work.

According to an article by Forbes in 2018, there is a need for the creation of more than 5 million jobs annually to meet the employment needs of the country. There are millions of young people who need to find stable job opportunities and the government happens to be a major player. The position of the government as an employer is vital to sustaining the growth of the economy.

There are more than 600,000 jobs where the young people of the country can apply to work in government institutions and agencies. This is good news to the young people graduating from educational institutions. Some of them don’t have confidence in how to navigate through the employment system.

Some of the industries and departments where people can find government jobs include teaching, engineering, IT, medical, accounting, clerks, police force, and many more. There are many opportunities that qualified people can get hold of in government jobs. Government offices have virtually all professions represented. Whether you’re an engineer or an IT specialist, there are opportunities where you can get practice your craft and skills.


What Is The Percentage Of Government Jobs In India?

A survey by the BBC in 2017 showed that the labour force participation rate dropped to 36% in 2018. This is an indication of the fall in the number of government jobs compared to the people in need of job opportunities.

Clearly, this shows that there is a need for the government to put in efforts to ensure that there are adequate opportunities for those people looking for jobs.

Since India is a large country, the government has to create a way of sustaining existing jobs as well as creating more opportunities for the emerging workforce.


Which Is The Biggest Government Job In India?

The biggest government job in India is the civil service. Jobs that fall within the civil services space are the biggest as well as well-paying in India. People who work in these jobs are also respected because of the high value accorded to them.

If you happen to work as a civil servant, you’ll benefit greatly. This is where you get to benefit from packages like loans, medical benefits, pension plans, and other items that the private sector doesn’t provide.

Indeed, government jobs in India offer promising opportunities for qualified persons. If you happen to work in the government sector, there are advantages you’ll get to enjoy. It is these benefits that make people consider choosing government jobs over private ones.

For example, factors like job security and a flexible working environment carry a great deal of significance. It is because of the importance of government jobs in India that the government should invest in providing more opportunities. Certainly, young people get the chance to develop their careers through these jobs.



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