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Things You Need To Know About Flixel Games and Flixel Keys

When it comes to developing games while making them most enjoyable, nothing is as good as Flixel. Besides, you won’t find worry-free activities elsewhere. Whether it is about creating prototypes under a tight schedule. Or, desire to make a game during the weekend, Flixel has got your back. 


Flixel: An overview

To begin with, Flixel is an open-source library for developing games. Besides, it is completely free of cost for both commercial and personal use. Flixel games are written in ActionScript 3. Also, you can use it with other free development tools. 

Written by Adam “Atomic” Saltsman, many developers use Flixel in a lot of games. I find Flixel the best way to learn, customize, and extend my gaming project to maximum limits. Some of the games that I like most include Avant Grade Experiments, Adult Swim Games, and IGF Nominees. 

In short, Flixel is very flexible and mature, and you can have a massive library to create your own Flixel game. In this post, I will introduce you to the wonderful world of Flixel and its endless capabilities. Also, I will share with you an informative Flixel tutorial so that you can start developing games. Let’s find out more about Flixel.


Why is Flixel so amazing?

The best thing about Flixel is that you can get started with developing a game right from the word go. However, many developers consider Flixel as a source that typically has a small library. But this small library has a massive array of tools needed to develop intuitive games. 

These tools, allow you to develop physics puzzles, RPGs, 2D platformers, and many more. Besides, Flixel includes a scene management system. Moreover, it provides you with a simple sprite class that includes certain physical properties such as angular acceleration, acceleration, and velocity. 

Furthermore, Flixel has a tilemap loader and parser. Also, it has a utility class that aids you with collision detection. And, resolution between certain sprites, groups, or tilemap. Apart from that, it has a simple button along with text classes for UI.

Also, you get to find virtual camera classes, particle systems, and great support for pathfinding, input, sound, game saves, and replays. Lastly, you can extend the whole program by writing your plugins. Being a developer and programmer, I have found Flixel one of the fastest ways to prototype my innovative game concepts.


What are the features of Flixel?

There is no denying that Flixel has lots of intuitive features that make it stand out from the rest. That’s the reason why many game designers or developers make their first game by using Flixel. It includes certain basic features that are common to other game libraries or game engines. Here are the notable features of Flixel that you should know.

  • Capacity to display plenty of moving objects, even thousands of them 
  • Create and emit particles with ease
  • For simplicity, you can group objects together 
  • Basic collisions are done between objects
  • You can use tilemaps to create game levels
  • Scrolling, saving games, text displays
  • Math and colour utilities
  • Keyboard and mouse input

Moreover, Flixel has introduced new � advanced’ features that add more productivity to your game. Here are the advanced features that you should know.

  • Object recycling is done with ease
  • Pathfinding and following
  • For split-screen, you can have the camera system
  • Powerful and innovative debugger 
  • You can record replays and playback when you want


Notable games that developers made using Flixel

As said, there is no shortage of games created by developers by using Flixel. And, it appears that they were fantastic in every aspect. Also, many people enjoyed those games. Here are some popular games developed with Flixel. 

  • Canabalt
  • Anodyne
  • A House in California 
  • Cat Astro Phi
  • Rot Gut 
  • Snailiad 
  • Half-Inch Heist 
  • Droplet
  • Gravity Hook
  • Where I Go At Night


What are the best ways of getting started with Flixel?

It goes beyond doubt that the best Flixel tutorial can help you get the most out of this 2D game platformer. However, for now, you can settle by some places on the internet. In short, these are great websites and forums where you can get the best out of Flixel. 

Having profound knowledge about a subject can make things work for you as they did for me. When I was getting started, I didn’t have people around me to encourage what I was doing. Thankfully, you have got me and I will show you how to get started with.


1. Flixel homepage

If you are among those people who would like to experience more instead of listening to me, click here. Everything that you find in these pages that even includes flxg keys is worthy of your time. So, start your Flixel journey with their official website. 


2. Flixel features

As the name suggests, the page will list all the important and latest features that you get to see in Flixel. Hence, get hold of intuitive features and find some live examples here. 


3. Flixel forums

Struggling with issues relating to a specific Flixel game? Don’t worry, there is a great place where you may have the right solution for your problem. Get effective and quick help from lots of developers in the Flixel forums. 


4. Documentation 

Everything is well documented when you are using Flixel. Besides, the flashdoc documentation is an ultimate source. And, it is something that you can’t afford to miss. Precisely, you need this documentation all the time. 


5. The source

The best part about Flixel is that you find an organized and structured source code. That way, it is good enough for you to read whenever the time comes. 


6. Download

The last stable version available for download is Flixel 2.35. However, you can find the community version 2.55 here. That’s the most preferred one by many users. 



There is no question that Flixel is the true winner among other 2D game platformers. So, are you a veteran programmer trying to get your hands on a quick prototype? Or, are you a complete beginner trying to get inside the amazing world of game development? Whoever you are, I strongly recommend you to use Flixel and grab your share of fun.