Why you would need a rape alarm (including our top picks)

Violence is tragically too common in our daily lives, even more so for women. It feels like every day there’s a new scandal about harassment or attempted violence. While we all would prefer for things to improve instead of preparing for it; sometimes prevention is the only option.

As times change so do our options, and that’s why today we are recommending rape alarms to all of you. These devices are easy to carry, affordable, and offer a new way to protect yourself. We all wish we could avoid danger altogether, but being prepared for it is a must nowadays.

So with that in mind, we’ll go over various considerations about rape alarms. Ranging from the reasons you should get one, to the reasons it’s become more popular in recent times. So strap on as we take a look at how a rape alarm can improve your safety.

You shouldn’t have to get a rape alarm, and why you would want one anyway

There are probably few names as shocking as a “rape alarm”. Everything about that product reminds us of a potential risk nobody wants to face. Violence is all too often unavoidable, but picking self-defense tools often feels like admitting it’s a reality. However, the simple fact is that we all are at risk of being attacked. And it’s better to be prepared than not.

For those of you who aren’t aware, a rape alarm is more or less an assault deterrent. These devices come in countless shapes and sizes are made to be portable. When its owner activates them a loud siren rings out. This calls for assistance beyond the range of our voice, and can also scare attackers.

More advanced models also alert the authorities, and some even record sound or video for evidence. But even if a particular model doesn’t have all the functions; the attackers won’t know that. Meaning that for criminals the presence of a rape alarm is a risk on multiple levels.

Not too long ago self-defense was the number one suggestion to stay safe. However various factors have affected this perspective. Sometimes numbers make self-dense unviable or at the very least highly dangerous. It’s also common to see justified self-defense cases stall for long periods of time [https://www.npr.org/2020/01/20/797981402/women-and-the-legal-bounds-of-self-defense] . And some governments have begun to call out against the use of any tools that could harm an attacker. [https://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q589.htm]

All of the above is not only baffling but also concerning. As violence spikes, the community ironically finds itself with less options to protect itself. And this is precisely why we recommend you to get a rape alarm.

Rape alarms are a proven tool that has helped countless people in the past. And on top of that, they don’t require training nor pose a legal risk. Nobody “should” need a rape alarm; we all wish for safer communities instead. But until those dreams become a reality, a rape alarm is a reliable ally,


Sarah Everard what happened

The case of Sarah Everard this month was one of the most shocking for the UK in a long time. And tragically exposes how unsafe citizens are against criminals. Perhaps more tragically it undermines the trust in police officers and makes everybody feel less safe as a result. Sarah Everard is a name that is everywhere nowadays, but we’ll go over the details for anybody who isn’t up to date.

Everything started on the 3rd of March in South London. Sarah Everard a 33-year-old marketing executive went missing on her way home. Everard was near the Claphman area before family and friends lost track of her. At the time Everard was on the phone with her boyfriend, and she walked bright and monitored areas. However, this wasn’t enough and both her boyfriend and police lost track of her.

Less than 2 days after the fact the Police were already on the case [https://twitter.com/LambethMPS/status/1367784499237576704] . Law enforcers worked at record speed and camera footage was found tracing back her steps. The police found key locations of her walk and asked for civilians to support the search. However, it was simply too late for Everard.

On March 9th the police made a key arrest for the case. The police arrested Wayne Couzens a Police Constable of 48 years for suspicion of kidnapping. And tragically the day after remains were found in the Ashford town area. By March 12th the police identified the body as Sarah Everard. A tragic end for an investigation that placed the entire country on alert.


Why Sarah Everard started a movement

The tragedy of Sarah Everard shook the entire country, but it also had all the elements needed to create a large controversy. While the police worked at record time it reminded us that investigations come too late for the victims. The fact that Everard took all the recommended precautions and still suffered a tragic fate was highly disheartening. But the biggest blow came from the Police’s involvement in the case.

While Couzens wasn’t on duty during the tragedy; he still was part of the police force. The fact that a policeman became the main suspect was revolting for the masses. The tragedy and injustice led to countless movements across the nation. Tragically the police’s attitude towards these protests only caused more controversy

Various women reported being pinned down [https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/woman-pinned-down-sarah-everard-23711801] by the police during the protests. The release of said pictures and videos online only increased the outrage. The Sarah Everard case became synonymous with police inadequacy all over the nation. Various Feminist groups started calling for a change in the police forces [https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/21/world/europe/sarah-everard-police-uk.html] . And tensions remain high to this day.

The Sarah Everard case had everything it needed to cause an outcry in the population. An innocent woman tragically died at the hands of a police officer. Police oppression during the ensuing protests soured people even further. And the official response [https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-56414446] has only helped to fan the flames. As the police stand by the legitimacy of their actions.

To this day controversy and indignation rage all around the UK. We have no way of knowing the consequences yet. But the Sarah Everard case will likely remain relevant for a long time.


What is text me when you get home (#textmewhenyougethome)

One of the most popular movements born from the Everard case is “Text Me When You Get Home”. The hashtag started trending as a direct response to the tragic kidnapping of Everard in early March.

At its core Text Me When You Get Home is an evolution of a sentence we all have heard in our lives. Sending a simple text is a way to confirm you arrived safely at home at night. However, there’s an inherent tragedy in this sentence.

Influencer Lucy Mountain summed up the deeper meaning of these simple words on her Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/p/CMR7GmRlO4L/?utm_source=ig_embed] . The need to confirm someone’s arrival speaks to our real fear that something can happen at any time. In her post, Mountain mentioned all the things women need to keep in mind simply to commute home. Violence against women has become far too common in the modern world. Text Me When You Get Home is a grim reminder that women are at risk just by commuting.

This short sentence has been used both as a form of alert and support. Bringing attention to the danger women face every day is a huge part of the movement. But women have also been using the tag as a way to support each other. Countless users have been sharing histories, advice, and generally showing support to each other in these trying times.

Text Me When You Get Home reminds us that women cant take their safety for granted. Text Me When You Get Home reminds us that we need change in our society. But it also provides a space for women to support each other amid recent tragedies.


My top pick for rape alarms

When it comes to personal alarms the first thing you need to do is choose the range of functions. Some alarms limit themselves to making noise. Others have added functionalities like noise. And some go the extra mile and connect with law enforcement. The best alarm will change based on what you are looking for.

When it comes to alarms that are mainly about noise Chaperone is one of the best brands. Their selection is highly portable and most of them work as keychains. But they also are some of the loudest alarms in the market. The Chaperone Chieftain also adds strobing lights to its set of functions. While this might seem like a small detail; it means the Chieftain can disorient both sight and sound.

Those of you who want a direct connection to law enforcement might need to do some extra research. Pick Protection’s Personal Guardian and Marlowe’s Personal Attack Alarm are both vanguards in the industry. But service availability and plan coverage will vary by region.

A smart way to complement a rape alarm is with safety apps on your phone. Apps like My SafetiPin can contact emergency services and provide your current location at the same time. Coupled with an alarm this should keep you covered in all situations.


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