woman eating swiss cheese in her pregnancy

Swiss cheese and pregnancy: Swiss bargains in pregnancy

Babies are gifts from God that bring a lot of joy into our lives. Tiny arms and a cute little smile that sometimes make us cry; everything about babies is beautiful but the important part is making sure that they come into the world as safely and healthy as possible.

Women’s health is a very touchy subject and most women have no idea how to take care of themselves especially during pregnancy. Most women just wing it and go with the flow. There are many health factors that contribute to a healthy pregnancy. The most important would be diet and exercise. The exercise is mainly for ease during child birth and weight maintenance during the gestation period but diet is way more important and that is the major highlight. It is common sense to stay from drugs and alcohol so that the baby can be born without any mental or physical problems.

We all know that calcium is the main nutrient that a baby needs for healthy development. Many women know that milk is the main calcium supplement during pregnancy but there are other healthy options like cheese.

Cheese is a great source of calcium and there are a variety of cheese that is safe to consume during pregnancy. Cheese can cause the growth of bacteria during pregnancy and that is why most women avoid cheese during pregnancy. Goat cheese and blue cheese are considered unsafe to consume during pregnancy because they do not contain stilton is safe to eat when you are pregnant are made from pasteurized milk, which is still considered unsafe to eat because it is moist and provides the perfect environment for listeria bacteria to grow causing listeriosis that may lead to serious health problems for unborn babies and miscarriages.

Hard cheese are considered safe during pregnancy making Swiss cheese during pregnancy safe. Swiss cheese are considered safe for pregnant women because they are generally made with pasteurized milk or are cooked at high temperatures. To be certain, pregnant women should check the label to be sure that the cheese is made with pasteurized milk. The cheese should also be smocked for the pregnancy to be safe.

The hard cheeses in the market are safe to concume during pregnancy include the following;

  • cheddar
  • edam
  • emmental
  • gouda
  • gruyère
  • jarlsberg
  • parmesan
  • stilton


Pregnant women should try their best to avoid the following types of cheese for the well-being of their babies.

  • brie and blue brie
  • camembert
  • chèvre (a type of domesticated goats’ cheese)
  • Danish blue
  • gorgonzola
  • Roquefort


The bottom line is that Swiss cheese is good for pregnant. As long as the cheese is hard it is safe for pregnant women. The baby and mother are both at risk of any infection during the gestation period and they should also be protected.

Cheese is a good supplement for calcium especially Swiss cheese but yoghurt and fresh milk or even calcium doctor prescribed or off the counter pills will work for both the mother and the baby.

When you crave for cheese, well bargain on Swiss cheese.

Happy trails for mommies and babies!


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