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Important Guidelines For Buying Rabbit Cages

It is essential to keep your pet rabbit indoors in a cage in case you are unable to keep it outdoors because of the predators and adverse climatic conditions. It is imperative to realize the fact that a large cage will be able to provide the rabbit with adequate space which will help it feel happy and relaxed; therefore, you should consider several factors before buying rabbit cages. A small cage could make the rabbit feel cramped and sad.

In this article, we will discuss 3 essential factors that we should consider while purchasing rabbit cages.


1. Before buying the cage

Before buying the cage, it is imperative to consider the factors related to the present and future of the rabbit’s life. If your pet is not an adult yet, it will grow in size gradually and, therefore, you should opt for a cage whose size is sufficient enough for accommodating its future growth.

Usually, rabbits tend to hop around and, therefore, large airy cages are suitable for them because these provide them with adequate space. It is also advisable to keep some toys and a layer of straw along with a feeding dish and water inside the cage and these items are going to take up some space. As a result, although it is hard to carry around, still it is prudent to purchase a big rabbit cage because the rabbit will not be happy and satisfied in a small cage.


2. Consider the materials used

Secondly, you should consider the material used to make the rabbit cage. Although most individuals prefer to buy wire cages for their rabbits, you’ll find newer cages that feature a plastic bottom along with a snap-fit wire cage on the top which you’ll find much easier to clean. However, ensure that your pet does not walk or lie on the wire floor because this might damage their hocks. In order to prevent any injury of this type, you can place a vinyl floor sheet together with some straw on the cage’s floor and also you should change the vinyl lining frequently while cleaning the cage.

Try to avoid buying cages with chicken mesh. Rather purchase a cage which features a chew-proof coated wire such that your pet will not be able to escape from the cage. Besides this, a chew toy will also help to keep its teeth occupied.


3. The price

The third factor which we must consider while buying rabbit cages is the price. It is advisable not to buy a small and weak cage which will not be safe, as well as, comfortable for the rabbit. As a result, we must be prepared to spend some extra cash for buying a better cage. You can find a metal cage at a reasonable price and the snap-type plastic bottom cages are also not very expensive. However, you should opt for the double-height cage featuring a rabbit run such that your pet will be able to enjoy itself while roaming the two levels of the cage.

Therefore, it is evident that cost must not be the only aspect while purchasing a rabbit cage because the future happiness and health of your pet rabbit depends on it.


If you stick to these above-mentioned guidelines, you should be able to purchase a perfect sized and well-made cage for your beloved pet.


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