Good news for pakistani refugees in India

With many women, men and children being persecuted for a crime of believing in a religion, Hinduism, it is as one citizen reported, that they were treated as second-class citizens. It is with a heavy heart that many are being forced to leave their homes in search of religious freedom, with over a million Hindus in Pakistan, with a handful of lucky people who manage to escape persecution and fled for refugee camps in India.


96% of population is Muslims

Pakistan is predominantly an Islamic state, with over 96% of its population being Muslims. Hindus have often been stereotyped, that they are the cause of all the problems in Pakistan. They are Kaffirs (unbelievers) even defectors (siding with a foreign group of people) and their beliefs are mocked. As second-class citizens, they have no access to formal education, no real job. There are multiple reports of sexual harassment, kidnappings of girls, forced conversions, forced marriages, physical assault and more against the Pakistani Hindus.

For those who are given asylum, they can finally start to hope for a better future. Freedom from persecution, freedom from pain, freedom from all of the daily harassment that they endure. There is good news for Pakistani Hindus dreaming for a better future, if not for themselves, for their daughters, their sons, their families.


Migration camp offers education and work

For the Pakistani refugee in India, there is good news because, at the migration camps, there are primary schools that teaches refugees how to write, how to read, how to form sentences and all the basic necessities that any person should have. They are so many who can not even write their own name, it is these migration camps’ hope that they can educate and give equal opportunity to the unfortunate.


Can refugees work in India?

With their makeshift homes, many Pakistani Hindus are happy that they found their “freedom.” As refugees, they are given the freedom to work, to engage in commerce and trade, such as having grocery stores, shops selling vegetables, animal products, clothing and so on. Even to establish businesses in these sectors. They may not, however, undertake business that may affect India’s national security regardless if it is contractual.


The Sad Truth

There are still millions of persecuted people hoping, praying for their chance at an opportunity to be free. Free from religious persecution, free from discrimination and to be given the chance to educate themselves for their future.


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