How to use a green screen for frame replacement

Amazing ways to use a green screen to replace a background of an image or video

It is easier to remove a green screen shooting background of a photograph or video and replace it with a different image. This gives a view that images or people in the video are in a completely different environment. This is what is mostly done at the background of newsrooms, picture shots and reports. Solid background colors are easier to remove while bright green color allows itself to be pulled by a computer without overlapping with other colors in the background.


Removing a Background with a Green Screen

The first step is to load the footage work into your program for editing. This can be done by connecting the card, external drive or camera to your computer. Then label each take so that it will be easier to find the appropriate footage on your computer.

Now, open a completely different project file from the others on your program. Use this new file to save separate files and do all your editing work. This gives you humble time to save a new project while maintaining the original footage stock.

Key the green screen using a program configuration of your choice. At this point, the program recognizes the green shade you have been using and command a computer to replace it with a background you have chosen.

In this stage, drag the sample of your green screenshot into your preferred program and run it. Your software will almost immediately recognize the green background colour and prepare to replace it. This creates the popular green-screen effect.

The next step is to open the clip you want to edit. But before doing this, you should compare your take with the notes from your director to ascertain that it is the right one.

Now, drag and drop your green screen effect into the video from a keying folder. Stretch this effect in the editing bar for the whole duration the green screen appears.


Drop in the background

Lastly, drag and drop your new image replacements into the stretched editing bar. Make sure the image completely matches and replaces the removed background by stretching it. Now repeat this procedure for every shot background that you want to replace.

It is however important to know that different programs offer different orders of video application exportation. However, most programs allow screen effects after the correct of colours when tying or rendering all the edited videos together. Failure to follow these steps correctly can result in the program not adding the background.

It is also wise to study the effects section of your program. Each editing program has a different placement for keys and files, while others have shortcuts for keying and adding a green screen to footage stocks.

Most editing programs however allow keying of the colour of your choice on the green screen. Nevertheless, check how your editing program enters green screens before purchasing it. This is important in the achievement of a look you desire on your background.

All in all, professionalism and the quality of machines you use also play an important role in quality footage and background production. So, it is important to employ highly professional staff to do the editing or follow the above procedures to the letter. Getting free stock footage, stock footage for use in editing is also part and parcel of this professionalism.


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