Old rusty campervan

The life expectancy of a campervan

As we are touring New Zealand, we are wondering if buy a campervan or renting one is the best choice. I’ve therefore looked into The life expectancy of a campervan and I’m sharing what I found here.


Do caravans hold their value?

Do you want to buy a touring caravan? The odds are you are undecided on whether to buy a new or used caravan. You will have a hard time making this decision if you have just ventured into the caravanning world. Let us compare used and new caravans below.


How long will a static caravan last?

Have you been toying with the idea of owning a holiday home? You are probably wondering how long static caravan last if this is the case. The number of years your caravan will last differs from how long it is permitted on the plot. We will be looking at the durability of a static caravan and how long it can remain on the plot.


The life expectancy of a static caravan

Static caravans can survive for several years. However, how you keep it will determine how long it will survive. You will be glad to know that you can extend the life of your static canvas. All you have to do is to refurbish it. This means that you are responsible for how long your static caravan survives. The amount of preservation work you will put in will determine how long it will last. You can strip your static canvas down and use it for scrap if it cannot be repaired.


How long to keep your static caravan on a park

Park owners set a cap on a new static van to safeguard the park and the environment. Although the pitch license is different from one owner to another, it typically ranges from 10-20 years. Your caravan’s life expectancy will determine the number of years it can stay in the park.


How long will a touring caravan last?

Touring caravans depreciate faster than static caravans do for various reasons. The numerous travels touring caravans make is one of the reasons why they depreciate quickly. The life expectancy of touring caravans is about ten years. However, they can last longer if routinely serviced and looked after.

Like autos, touring caravans lose about 15% of the original price each year. Making money when you sell your touring canvas is almost impossible. However, you can slow down the depreciation rate by taking good care of it.


How long will a caravan last in New Zealand?

With several tourist destinations, New Zealand is your go-to destination for a driving holiday. Your caravan should last about 20 years due to the climate. Other factors such as maintenance and extras will also determine the longevity.

This post was written by our friend over at Gone Tramping – New Zealand traveling blog.