The Most Important Signs of Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that is common these days and it can affect anybody no matter what age, though it is commonly associated with a certain age group mostly old age. But the notion of an old age disease has been discounted lately.

Anybody of any age can have the condition whether a child or an older person. The condition is associated with pain and stiffness in joints, it can manifest itself in different ways on different people, but painful, stiff, and inflamed joints are some of the signs of arthritis.

The most common type of arthritis is known as Rheumatoid arthritis, many affected people often suffer from this main type of disease. There are other types of arthritis, but they are more classified in the subdivision.


Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Just like any other category of arthritis, the major signs are experienced in the joints of sufferers through other parts of the body can also be affected.

But signs consist of painful or inflamed joints; the signs normally develop systematically within weeks. It can be experienced after sometime say; eight weeks or so, signs or symptoms come about to the level where you can feel them after some time. It means when arthritis is developing in your body, there is a period of hibernation or window period when everything looks normal.

The sign comes up after the underlying joints are affected.


Severe Signs

The signs or symptoms develop differently on different people, some people experience very fast-paced signs within a short period and others take time to experience any signs. But there are many cases when it can come and develop severe signs and symptoms within days, in most cases, you will feel a burning sensation around the affected joints. In more severe and deteriorating conditions, you can experience signs of flares and severe joint pains. In such instances, you need to hurry up and see a Doctor.


Signs Affecting Joints

Arthritis is generally a condition that affects joints in your body, but in
many cases, it will start with smaller joints. The first signs when it is
developing can be experienced in smaller hands joints and smaller feet joints.

You start feeling pain and stiffness on the affected joints, arthritis affects the body joints asymmetrically. It means it affects both sides of your body joints to the same extent, for instance, if your left-hand joints are affected, then the same intensity is felt to the right hand’s joints.


Painful Joints

The kind of pain associated with arthritis is rather different from other
normal joint pains; it affects your joints with a throbbing and more of aching pain. The pains worsen early in the morning and when you are inactive for a while, so you can differentiate its painting signs from other types of pain.


Stiffness in Joints

The affected joints become stiff to the point that you may not bend them, for instance, the affected finger can’t easily bend especially during the morning hours or when you are inactive for a while. The signs are worse in the early morning hours, different kinds of arthritis react differently.


Rheumatoid arthritis

Stiffens the affected joint for a long period before it stops, while osteoarthritis stiffness can subside within 30 minutes or so.


Swellings, Redness, and Warmth

The affected joints’ linings become inflamed, which results in swellings around the affected joints, redness is also another sign when one is suffering from arthritis. Sometimes you will feel some warmth around the affected joints, which is due to inflammation around the affected part of the body. Other people may also experience what is known as rheumatoid nodules underneath the skin of the affected joint, but in many cases, the affected part becomes warm and tender.

There are other signs or symptoms but the main ones are discussed above, some other signs of arthritis include; weight loss, extreme weariness and tiredness, high temperatures, poor appetite, and sweating.


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