Arthritis In Old Hands

Arthritis in Hands

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Arthritis is a common, all-purpose name that is used to describe the general condition in which there is irritation or inflammation of the joints in the human body. As in any disease, there are different types ranging from those that affect the hands to those that affect the legs in the human body among others. The most common type that affect the hands among other parts of the body such as the knees and the hips is known as Osteoarthritis.

In all joints in the body including those in the hands, there is a protective cushion that is positioned between the bone joints that serves to protect the joints’ bones from grinding against each other during movement. This shielding cushion is known as the cartilage. However, the cartilage can wear out hence leading to arthritis. The absence of this cartilage means that the bones directly grind against each other and this can be fatal due the effects caused by the grinding which includes damage and changing of the structure of the bones around the joints. This can eventually cause the patient’s hands to be deformed.

There are many causes of arthritis in the hands. The leading cause though is physical trauma on the hands such as fractures on the hand’s joints surface. This is because, even though the fractures can always be treated on upon one’s injury, there is always a likelihood that, that joint that had fractured will become arthritic as time goes by.


Commons symptoms of arthritis in hands

The most commons symptoms of Arthritis in hands include


Swelling on your handsOnce the joint cartilage is worn out, the hand will always swell around the affected joint. This is a natural response of the body that prevents further damage to the joint.



PainOne of the most common symptoms of arthritis the presence of pain your hand as your continue to exert pressure on the hand. The pain becomes more and more with every task done and eventually it may became difficult to do simple tasks such as turning a knob or grasping something with your hand.



Increased hand temperature,Increased hand temperature is caused by the inflammation in the joint due to wearing out of the joint cartilage


4. Cysts

When the arthritis affects the end joints (those closest to your fingernails) cysts may form around your fingers.

Apart from diagnosis through the symptoms, arthritis in hands can be diagnosed through examination using x-ray. A patient’s history is also vital in making a diagnosis


Arthritis in hands can be treated

Arthritis in hands can be treated especially when an early diagnosis is made.

Here are some ways through which treatment can be made



Through Non-surgical treatmentNon-surgical treatment is mainly done where the disease has be detected in its early stages. Moreover, depending on the age and the number of joints actually involved, the doctor may decide to use the non-surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatment generally involves proper medication (including injections) and splinting.



Through Surgical TreatmentSurgical treatment is usually the last resort in cases where non-surgical treatment cannot be used. Surgery is done on the affected joints to restore them to their normal functioning. However, if the damage is extreme, a procedure known as arthrodesis is performed. A joint replacement can also be done.

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