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Gaining a Better Understanding of the Lullaby

When you think about it, was the lullaby the very first form of music in our world’s history? Was it behind the inspiration of what became our very first songs? It really isn’t that hard to imagine that the inspiration behind the music we have today may have been greatly due to lullaby lyrics and the songs we had sung to our children as they have grown up.

“Cradle songs” is the other name for lullabies but the actual origins of the word lullaby are still not clearly known as of today. One particular theory is that they stem from the word which is a derivative from an old hebrew word called “Lillithibi”, which happens to stand for “Lilith begone”.

Within the concepts of old jewish tradition, they thought of Lilith as being a particularly cruel demon who made a pact with herself to steal the souls of children as they slept in their beds and when their parents couldn’t defend them. The lullaby was meant as a defense mechanism against Lilith and those specific lullaby lyrics that you hear today are protection over children who rest peacefully and by all accounts, they still work.


Guardian Angels

If you really ingest what the lyrics of lullabies are trying to say, you can truly realize that after reading them, they are the beckoning of angels to come down and to watch over the children to ensure their utmost safety. Particular lullabies that come to mind are “Angel’s Guard Us”, Nighttime Blessing” and “All Through the Night”.

Lullaby lyrics were never complicated and for the most part, they were just genuinely simple. These songs that were meant for babies in mind were much more than just the presence of sounds and words, the simplicity breathed life into a magical moment between a child and a parent. It captures the essence of a unique type of intimacy and closeness which becomes created when we hold our children within our arms.


Defining the True Bond Between Parent and Child

A child can absolutely feel the beating of our hearts and the breaths that we take when we hold them and by blending in the sweet sound of a lullaby, the two cohesively become one and define the true bond between parent and child.

Likely the world’s most prominently renowned lullaby is “Brahm’s Lullaby”, which many today know it as “Lullaby and Goodnight” It was written within the 1800’s as a gift for a new mother and even as the years accumulate further and further away from the day it had been written, it is still as prominent as it was since it come into existence.


The Power of Calm

Lullaby lyrics as it stands are as meaningful as they were so many years back and signs of that slowing down are no way in sight. Over the years society has learned that lullabies are behind the mental boost of how a child’s brain develops and we also know what immense power they have in calming them down when they happen to be in full fit mode. They have a strong place in mankind’s history for a reason and that just simply will never change.


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