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Lullabies: Relaxing music designed to be sung or played to little children

A lullaby is relaxing music designed to be sung or played to little children. In some cultures, lullabies continue down through the generations as part of their culture or tradition. As well as this, lullabies can be used in assisting the growth of communication skills especially to small children. It also helps develops better behaviour in the children and assists them in going to sleep. As it is often used to help the little ones go to sleep, the music usually repeats itself until the child has gone to sleep.

You may be surprised to learn that most countries have lullabies and they have been around since the olden days.

Lullabies tend to have different characteristics within them. These characteristics include different kinds of pitches. These are designed to effect the love and care emotions. These days, lullabies are simple and usually switch between dominant and tonic harmonies. Aside from the pitches, lullabies have many repeats and long pauses. This is designed so that the children can take the music into their brains and bodies. Rhythm is also included. Lullabies are designed to have a slow speed with them. This too assists the children with taking in the song.

The nature of lullabies is one that is soothing. This makes it suitable for even adults. They can assist adults in taking away stress, and assists with females who may be expecting a baby.

These characteristics are the same throughout every culture. No matter what the culture, most adults will recognize what the lullaby is just by the tune.

Lullabies are great for music therapy. If a child has been born too early, lullabies can cause the heart to slow down and assist the baby with sleeping and eating better.They will even assist the child in growing more and they will recover quicker and ultimately keep them alive.

Studies have shown that if children have music therapy using lullabies whilst they are still in hospital, that they will be able to go home earlier.

Lullabies play a major part on taking away any worries, and assists with the mother and her care for her child. Especially if the child has been born too early or has other difficulties.

Lullabies can also be used to teach children how to do things such as learning how to count. They also play a part in teaching the child about confidence. By singing or playing lullabies particularly at bedtime, the child will soon learn to be confident and know that it is time to go to sleep when they begin to hear these lullabies.

As we have seen, lullabies are used for a wide range of purposes. They are designed to be relaxing. Lullabies can be used on pregnant women. They will help relax both the mother and the unborn child. Lullabies are used throughout many countries and most cultures. Most parents who have children will often use lullabies in helping their children in getting them to sleep. Lullabies can also assist adults as a way of taking away any worries or stress that they may have.


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