Chicken Coop Defense: How to avoid pests in your chicken house

Today more and more people are interested in owning chickens. From completely GMO and cruelty-free eggs to even having some educational values for your children and family.

Chickens are becoming more of a staple to people who have a room in the garden or backyard. With all these bonuses there are also some downsides. Chicken house pests can be a real pain. Below is our ‘how to’ for dealing with those pests.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice can be some of the worst pests to get, not just for a chicken coop but also for just your house. Placing traps and the conventional methods of defence from these common pests will usually work. Make sure you close up any potential holes or loose boards in the house. Make sure that they don’t have easy access to the chickens’ food as well. Covering the food with strong metal containers will help prevent them. If all else fails, call a professional!

Chicken Mites

Chicken Mites can just be gross. They are also one of the most common pests found in your chicken coop. Chicken mites, as well as numerous other parasites, can be defended against with a relatively simple and old technique. Setting up a dust bath can help prevent numerous parasites, and generally avoid pests in your chicken house. It only requires some simple soil and sand.


Flies can be just plain out gross. They linger around, bothering both you and your chickens, and can even spread diseases! One of the best natural recipes we suggest for dealing with it is to plant mint plants around the coop. These will provide a nice decoration as well as the function of scaring away those pesky flies. Another more conventional method would be to just use fly traps! They work well and hanging them around the coop can help.

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It can be simple

In the end, some of the best strategies are often the most common – and for good reason. Defending from chicken house pets can be even very simple at times. One of the main things that we recommend for both chicken health and to defend from the pests is to be diligent in cleaning the coop. A lot of these pest issues start from unclean coops.

Making sure you also keep a close eye on them and watch for pests in the coop early makes it easier to take action faster. Taking steps to protect your chickens that help them feel better is great because they will produce tastier and healthier eggs!

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