Girl and fast growing hedge trees

Fast Growing Hedges and Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Hedges

Choosing the correct type of hedge can be a daunting task especially if you are not well versed with hedges. Different types of hedges have different growing lengths as well as growing times. You should consider a hedge that will take little time to grow while at the same time reach maximum heights to provide you with the best privacy and security around your house as desired.
The following are the factors to consider when choosing a hedge for your homestead.

Type of soil

The type of soil is a primary determinant when choosing a hedge. It’s always advisable to choose a well-aerated soil as it will promote the growth of your hedge much more quickly.


The type of privacy you deserve is another determining factor. Hedges which grow close to each other and create little to no space between them are mostly preferred for a high level of privacy. Some types of hedges can also grow and leave large gaps between them. Hedges such as formal pruned are the best when it comes to privacy though they require a high level of maintenance.

Fast-growing hedges

It’s always recommendable to choose plants that will grow drastically. Some hedges such as burlap and large ball shrubs usually grow to heights of 12 inches per year. They are the most expensive but the most mature and will give you value for your money. Bare root shrubs on the other hand are the least expensive and usually take a longer time to grow.

Types of Hedges

The following are the most preferred types of hedges.

  • Japanese barberry and Ligustrum. These are best preferred for clipped hedges
  • Arborvitae offers an evergreen hedge throughout
  • Pontentilla, burning bush and dogwood shrubs are preferred for informal types of hedges

Fast Growing Trees

Planting trees around your homestead can be a great venture since they will help in beautifying your home as well as supplying you and your family a great atmosphere of fresh air.

Different types of trees grow differently depending on various factors such as tree breed, climate and soil.

The following are the top five fastest growing trees.

a) Paulownia/Empress Tree

This is one of the fastest growing trees around. It can grow to heights of 15 feet per year and reach maximum heights of up to 50 feet in three years which is the mature height of the tree. It’s colorful with great fragrances and valuable for timber.

b) Salix Hybrid/Willow Hybrid

This type of tree can reach heights of 12 feet in a one year span. Its mature height is usually 75 feet which is achieved after 3 years. It’s the fastest growing willow around and it’s usually planted in rows to increase privacy. c)Lombardy Poplar

The Lombardy tree can reach maximum heights of 60 feet when fully mature. Maturity is usually after 3 to 4 years. It has a unique growth habit and it’s usually planted in rows for increased beauty.

d) Hybrid Polar

The Hybrid Polar usually reaches heights of 10 feet after a year of growth and heights of 40 after 3 years of maturity. Its maximum height is usually 70 feet. It provides a great shade and it’s usually planted near newly established homes to increase the property value.

e) Eucalyptus Tree

The Eucalyptus Tree is one of the most commonly planted trees worldwide. It can reach a maximum 40 feet at its peak age. Their leaves supply fresh fragrances year long.

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