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Touring Europe by Caravan

Caravan tours in Europe are a great way to see the countryside. There are lots of advantages, but the cost is probably one of the biggest. If you have children, the savings are that much more compared to plane tickets, hotels, and meals out. There are some preparations, though that you need to make first in order to make the experience more enjoyable.

As we live in Europe, it’s nice to have been touring Europe for a little practice before we go for a trip in a campervan in New Zealand.

First, you need to get a caravan. Campers can be rented, leased, or bought. If you are going on a long trip for several weeks or perhaps the entire summer, then buying might be the best option. Of course, by buying, you also have a camper to use on another adventure later. Plus, many companies will buy back the camper, usually at around 65% of the purchase price.

Make sure too that you have the right insurance and registration papers. That normally comes with the purchase and should not be an issue, but nevertheless, you do not want any problems with any local constabulary, especially if you do not speak the language!



Planning the trip is another preparation item that makes the trip a lot more fun for most, that is unless you are the adventurous sort and just want to get in and go. Either way works in Europe. Most Europeans love to camp and there are campgrounds scattered throughout the continent. If you are a first-timer, then you may want to at least have some sort of idea where you can stay and when you want to stay there. Internet searches will give you plenty of maps and information.


The resort

The resort for camping in Europe range from the fully equipped to the basic services only. There are plenty of places in France, Germany, and the UK that have swimming pools, tennis, bars, and restaurants. All of them, even the most rustic, will have power, showers, and toilets. Almost all have Internet too. In Europe, there is so much to see and do within a very short travel range that you can even pick one campground you like and make it your home base for a few days or weeks, then travel around the region during the day seeing the sites. It is considerably cheaper than a hotel.


A few tips to remember

There are a few other tips you need to remember to make your camping experience more enjoyable. Remember that July and August are the most popular months and hence you may need reservations at some of the more
popular resort grounds. Some places don’t take reservations, but many do. The good news is though that given the number of campgrounds around, you will surely find a place if your first choice is full.

This is another reason to do your research before leaving on your trip though!

Bring an extra propane tank if you plan on traveling for more than a couple of weeks. It makes it nicer if you have a spare when the old tank inevitably runs out at an inappropriate time.

Don’t forget about having a GPS, Internet, and satellite TV. Many campers come with them nowadays and they are great options to have to make the trip more comfortable.

Finally, if it is your first time camping, look for a book written by someone who has taken a caravan through Europe. You can even download one if you forget to buy one before leaving through the Internet Wi-Fi of your caravan.


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