Backyard Chickens are a new type of family pet

Best Chicken Toys On The Market

This article was originally posted by our friends over at The Backyard Chickens Coop

Chicken love to scratch and peck this all the time to keep themselves busy. If they don’t find things to scratch the chicken, then start pecking each other and pulling each other’s features which would result in the chicken injuring each other.

These problems are common, especially with the backyard chicken since they are confined in a closed area. To prevent this, you can provide the chicken with toys. Some of the best chicken toys include:


Interactive treat dispenser

This type of dispenser can be made using either a plastic container or a soda bottle. You drill holes on the side of the container and fill the container with chicken feeds.

Ensure you remove all the loose plastic particles to avoid ingestion by chooks.


Shredded newspaper


Compost piles

Chicken like to be busy. If you provide a compost pile, they will scratch to use, arch for worms and buds. In the process, they will mix the compost pile and even turn it over.


Old CDs

Chickens are excited by color; therefore, by providing broken CDs to them, it will help in distracting them and keeping them busy.


Old tree branch

Place the old branch to the open so that bugs and other crawling animals for habitats in the branch. Then place the branch at the backyard for the chicken to seek treats from it.


Rope swing

You can also build a swing for the chicken by cutting two rope and a tree branch to form a swing. The swing helps to keep the chicken on their roosts and also in their exercising.



You can also use containers to make a tunnel by cutting one end of the container. This allows the chick to run through the tunnel.


Dust bath

Chicken use the dust to clean themselves and also use it as a ground for socializing and playing with each other.


Chick-N veggie ball

This type of toy allows one to hang cabbage or lettuce off the ground. Then chicken can quickly peck the veggies as food or for entertainment. It also encourages the chicken to eat more since it helps to keep the veggie clean.


Perching places

You can create a perching place by putting together a few tree branches, you may put them at a different level in relation to height. This helps the chicken in exercising and keeping roost.


Pet bird toys

Like the old CDs, the bird toys are used to stir up the curiosity of the chicken. This pet bird toy is more suitable for the chicks.