Bedtime Stories are important til children

Importance of Bedtime Stories

Ever wondered why some parents attach so much importance to bedtime stories? Reading a bedtime story to your child is not just about reciting lines from a book time and time again. Reading a bed story to your child serves as a special way of connecting to him or her.


Importance of Bed Time Stories

Since time and memorial, bedtime stories have been used to prepare children to sleep. But this is not the only benefit derived from night reading. Recent research has attached various benefits that are linked to nighttime reading routine. The first benefit derived from bedtime reading is the bond that is normally fostered between parent and child. Kids normally perceive this as a special time that they can be able to connect with their parents. It is important to understand that this one on one attention that comes from bedtime stories etches memories of nurturing and closeness to a child.

Reading bedtime stories to your child also creates reading preparedness. When a child is growing, he or she should be exposed to many books, words and sounds so as to develop their brain. When reading a bedtime story to your child, he or she will be able to sight different words, learn to pronounce them and at the same time pronounce correctly. This makes your child a master of reading and comprehension.


Develop comprehension and logic

Being exposed to bedtime stories also allows your child to develop comprehension and logic. This is an aspect that is quite important in the communication process. From various components of different stories, a child can learn how to predict certain events. It is also possible for a child to make sense out of real-life situations through characters that he or she has learned from a story. Bedtime stories have the capability of instilling morals and values in your child.

Every bedtime story has a moral value. These morals tend to reflect on how we should treat each other in society and what is truly important in life. Sometimes it’s hard for parents to explain to their very young ones what is right and what is wrong. It can be quite difficult to explain to a young one what is expected of him or her.

However, bedtime stories have an imaginative way of clearly showing kids what is expected of them. A bedtime story has the capability of bringing various expectations and life explanations to the eyes of a child.

Is your child having trouble with mastering language? Neural research shows that the most profound benefit of bedtime stories to a child is mastery of language. Neurological research clearly indicates that there is a clear neurological difference of kids who experience bedtime stories and those who do not.


Where Can You Get Good Bedtime Stories?

You can buy good bedtime stories from a local bookshop near you. You can also go online and look at some of the e-books categorized under bedtime stories. If you having difficulties figuring out which is the best book to buy, you can start with some of these great samples. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Brown, Peter Rabbit Series by Stan and Berenstain Bears.


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