The History Of Samsung

The history of Samsung is the history of hard work. Samsung was founded in 1969, after a year the cooperation with Sanyo Electronics led to the merging of the companies into Samsung Electronics. In August 1973 the main office of the company moved to Suwon and in December the first consumer electronics factory was completed. In a while the company was joined by Semiconductor Co., which triggered the massive production of washing machines and refrigerators.


Korea Telecommunications Co.

By 1978 the size of the export went over 0 million and the first US office was opened. In 1980 the corporation was joined by Korea Telecommunications Co., and in time changed its name to Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co. In 1983 Samsung started producing the first PCs (SPC-1000) and a year later opened its first UK office and a VHS player factory in the USA. Also, they completed building the largest worldwide microwave factory. 1986 brought one of the first serious awards – Company of The Year and this year Samsung opened local offices in California and Tokyo, a French local office was founded in 1988, which continued the expansion of the company.

By 1989 Samsung became the 13th semiconductor manufacturer in the world and opened two factories in Malay and Thailand. In two years the export reached an impressive billion. 1992 saw the launch of a factory in China and Check Republic and the company finally entered the A class of worldwide credit rating. In 1994 the revenue reached billion and in November the famous Mukoonhwa Factory was opened. In 1995 the export revenue reached 10 billion dollars and in February Samsung electronics purchased over 40% of AST Company, which led to a start on the PC market. In 1996 Samsung Electronics received approval of the ISO-140001 standard.

In 1998 the corporation started dominating the monitor market and started producing digital TV sets. In January 1999 Samsung Electronics got the award for being the best consumer electronics manufacturer by Forbes Global, and Intel announced that it is going to invest over 100 million dollars in the company. In 2000-2002 Samsung Electronics successfully improved its position on the worldwide market and the profit of the company reached .8 million. In recent years just like other companies, Samsung was hit by the Crisis, but it still manages to release great models and keep up with the demands of modern-day customers.

As for the latest successful smartphone models released by Samsung, there are Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Wave. Samsung Galaxy X for example is a high-end smartphone with good design, an impressive camera and a huge pack of pre-installed software. It is widely considered to be one of the best smartphones on the market if you’ll compare the price and functionality. The only mentioned drawback of this phone is the time that you will need to get used to it. But which phone doesn’t need time to get used to it. As for Samsung Wave, it is praised in thousands of reviews and lies in the hands of thousands of satisfied customers.

Samsung is a company that was built by great people and received worldwide acclaim for its products. Over the decades of its existence, it rose from a simple manufacturer to a global corporation and today is offering lots of great products.


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